The brand So'Slim

SO'SLIM offers a real beauty care
to every woman who cares
for a seductive silhouette,
nice body curves

and long lasting slimming results.

The laboratory

Le laboratoire Skin'Up

Skin'Up is a French slimming textiles laboratory which designs, develops and promotes So'Slim "SMART COSMETIC TEXTILES" with slimming and moisturizing properties.

Always at the leading edge of innovation and progress, Skin'up process are approved and supported by European programms of innovation.

The slimming performances are certified by independent laboratories.


So'Slim is the result of 10 years of R&D carried out by Skin'Up.

So'Slim Smart Textiles is the fruit of a double expertise in shapewear textiles and slimming cosmetics. The range is wide to fit every woman's needs and to provide long lasting slimming and body care benefits. The unique and patented Smart Tag helps you to monitor the different phases of your slimming care for results under control.


Better slimming performance (x2) than classical cosmetic shapewear.

Flash slimming action 7 days

WAIST: up to -8 cm
(-2,3 cm in average)

After 28 days :
Top slimming results

WAIST: up to -12 cm
(-5,4 cm in average)

THIGHS: up to -7 cm
(-3,7 cm in average)


Natural marine active ingredients with proven efficiency

The slimming microcapsules fixed on the garment are made of seaweeds (fat burner action) and carthamus seed oil (moisturizing & nourishing action). The centimetric loss and the skin embellishment are proven by clinical tests and satisfaction surveys.

A double expertise in textile and cosmetics

The shapewear textile guarantees an immediate slimming action thanks to compression areas around the tummy, the hips, the waist, the thighs and push-up areas to lift the buttocks. The seamless weave preserves the comfort and well-being. The mincroencapsulated slimming formula drains away the stored cellulite and improves the skin aspect. The mineral crystals integrated into the textile's fibers improve the microcirculation, boost the anticellulite action longlastingly.

Smart tag

The Smart Tag is a unique Proof of Charge Label which indicates the percentage of microcapsules left on the garment. Necessary guide to optimize the slimming cosmetic action.


Mail order

A selection of So'Slim products is sold by major European mail order players, on TV and on paper and e-catalogues. Join us!

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Pharmacies and parapharmacies

Get So'Slim products in more than 5000 local pharmacies and parapharmacies. The acknowledged expertise of medicinal teams grants you a purchase adapted to your needs as well as good advice.

Specific collections are to be found in independent lingeries and sport stores.


So'Slim already operates in more than 20 countries in Europe and will be very soon in United States.



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